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Trade promotion group visiting India to strengthen bilateral ties

A trade promotion group organized by China's Ministry of Commerce is currently visiting India to strengthen economic and trade ties and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

The group, which arrived in New Delhi last Friday and will stay until Tuesday, is composed of officials from the Ministry of Commerce and more than 30 representatives from various sectors including textiles, pharmaceuticals and petrochemical industries as well as commercial trading and agriculture.

On Saturday in New Delhi, the Chinese side and India's commerce and industry Ministry jointly organized the promotion of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held in November in Shanghai, and held a signing ceremony pledging India-China trade cooperation projects, according to a news release from the Chinese delegation.

During the signing ceremony, a total of 101 trade agreements were signed, the release said.

Economic and trade relations between China and India have maintained a rapidly developing momentum in recent years, with bilateral cooperation bearing remarkable fruit, Chinese officials said at the ceremony.

Indian representatives said that the visit by the Chinese delegation provides a practical platform for promoting economic and trade ties between the two countries, and shows that the Chinese government highly appreciates bilateral trade.

They expressed the belief that the visit will help promote win-win cooperation and further strengthen bilateral trade relations.

Participants on the Indian side said they also appreciated the promotion of the CIIE, saying many Indian enterprises are looking forward to participating in the expo as a first step to venture into the Chinese market.