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Art festival to enliven commodity expo

A lot of art activities are expected to accompany the 2017 South-Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair held in Kunming, Yunnan province from June 12 to 18, including the 2017 China South-Southeast Asia Art Week.

Scheduled from June 11 to 18, the art week will feature a film exhibition, a photography exhibition, a paper art show and the Chiengmai Portrait.

Set to be held for four days, the film exhibition will include a cooperation forum on the film industry, film screenings and a Chinese movie promotion conference.

The photography exhibition will showcase 150 works by 67 photographers from 15 countries in South and Southeast Asia. By showcasing the culture of the region to the world, the exhibition is a window for visitors to learn more about the views and customs of South and Southeast Asia.

The paper art show will depict the culture of different countries and regions in South and Southeast Asia in some 160 pieces of paper works.

The Chiengmai Portrait will demonstrate the works of Kanta Poonpipat, a world-renowned photographer from Thailand. Colored in black and white, his works vividly portray life in Chiengmai.